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Minions: The Rise of Gru – Better than the First?





Kevin Bob and Stuart are back for a brand new sequel of the highly anticipated minion sequel that is hitting cinemas. And i bet, you guys are probably wondering does brad even enjoy the minions, or is he just going to rip this movie apart?

I heard that the new minions movie was coming out. I was really nervous for this. One because i thought it was going to be even worse than the last one and, to my surprise, it was actually a good movie that i’d actually watch again. I know i’m just as surprised as you are so, let’s just dive right to the positives. First and the first one has got to be the humor, as this is surprising lya pretty funny movie sure.

A lot of the jokes in this movie are aimed at the younger audience, with all, the fart jokes and all the butt cracks in this movie like there are a lot of butt. Cracks in this movie, i was really shocked to see how much effort went into making all the humor to be super over the top and very consistent with its tone, and it’s definitely the funniest entry since despicable me, 2. Speaking of the pacing this is easily the strongest aspect about this film, because it goes exactly the way that you think it’s going to go from beginning to end. And it just feels like a fast-paced rollercoaster ride and it gives you everything that you would want for a minions movie and i have to respect.Minions: The Rise of Gru Review - New game news

That there was no point in this movie where i was feeling bored or i just wanted to go watch another movie. I also really enjoyed the voice acting in this movie, as i thought this was a big step up from the first minions movie Steve Carell coming back, as grew as the main character of the film which i’ve always been a massive fanof. So this movie automatically gets more points for me, but this movie features Taraji P. Henson who plays, the main villain of the film, and i thought she was great. As you know, she normally is in every movie she’s in there was also a lot of other big celebrities in this movie that i think did a really good job in their roles, as there is a lot more characters here and i feel like all the voice actors added their own special, Unique take to each character and my last positive with this movie is one that is pretty surprising to me. And i think that’s the animation here as this movie was supposed to come out around 2020 and they started working on it in 2017, but with a two-year delay because of the pandemic.

I do feel like that the animators had a little bit more time, to flesh out this movie to add all the little bit more details to it, because in all honesty, it looked the best i have seen the minions look in this world, as this is a massive step up from the first Minions movie and even despicable me, 3 I found that the animation just went extremely crazy especially in the third act in this movie that had a lot of anime inspired moments that were actually a lot of fun, especially a lot of the fight scenes that were just so bananas and crazy. It didn’t feel like it, was just going for that basic-ness that, you would see from the other despicable me movies and i feel like there was just this added extra pump of energy to this film and it made the animation just feel more lively and exciting even though. It does have some of that basic animated structures, like the minions, who i think are just basic looking characters. Of course, this movie does have a lot of negatives here and, to be honest, with you guys, i’m not gon na go in depth with my little negatives here, because i know you guys are just gonna be like well brad. It’S a kids movie, you know it’s for the younger people.

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