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iconic Women : between inspiring Movies and the Absolute Truth!

2 iconic Women - between inspiring Movies and the Absolute Truth!


What did these iconic women we’ve seen in movies look like in real life?

We often see notable and iconic women from history as the main characters and the subject of many films, we see them fascinate men with their beauty, and these men in turn change the world in the name of love.

But in real life things are not that simple, of course it takes more than just looks to make these women famous and attractive, and there must be something else that made their names go down in history and we see them in the movies.

So here we decided to reveal to you the real look of famous beautiful women with a brief biography of each of them :

1. iconic women : Bonnie Parker

1. iconic women : Bonnie Parker
Bonnie and Clyde / Warner Bros., Eastnews

During the Great Depression in the United States, the lover couple Bonnie and Clyde became world-famous thieves and their story is on every American tongue. In short, these two people met each other at the house of a mutual friend, Bonnie Parker was a waitress and she hated her life. And very tidy. It seemed to her that Clyde Barrow was exactly the man she would never get bored of or with, and she began her life outside the law with him.

When Bonnie was alive, her page turned completely black, and the newspapers described her not only as a thief, but as a killer of a policeman, although it was not proven that she was involved in any of the killings. In 1967, about 33 years later, the movie Bonnie and Clyde was released and won two Oscars and the American actress (Faye Dunaway) embodied the role of the famous American criminal.

2. iconic women : Lina Cavalieri

2. iconic women : Lina Cavalieri
a donna più bella del mondo / G.E.S.I. Cinematografica, Eastnews

Lina Cavalieri is an Italian opera singer who started her career as a restaurant singer and finished it on famous theaters all over the world. She was one of the first models of photography, and cards bearing her pictures were sold in all European cities.

The Russian general and field marshal (Alexander Ivanovich Baryatinsky) loved her, but the emperor would not allow him to marry her. Cavalieri has been married several times since, but she has not lived happily ever after in any of these relationships.

Italian actress (Gina Lollobrigida) embodied the character of an international opera singer in the movie Beautiful but Dangerous in 1955.

3. iconic women : Barbara Radziwiłł

3. iconic women : Barbara Radziwiłł
Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwillówny / Zespol Filmowy “Perspektywa”, Wawel Royal Castle / Wikipedia

Barbara Radziwill was Queen of Poland and Grand Duchess of Lithuania. She married the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania (Sigismond II Auguste), who loved her madly. But her mother-in-law (Bona Sforza) hated her so much that it is believed that she was the one who poisoned Barbara when she became queen. After his wife’s death, the Sad King never spoke to his mother again.

There is a legend that accompanies the name (Barbara) in which it is said that her spirit still wanders in the castle of Nesviz where (Sigismond II Auguste) organized a convocation just to see the soul of his beloved wife at least once more. Barbara stayed in the castle but made her husband promise that he would die in the same place so they could be together. Unfortunately, (Sigismond II Auguste) died in another town, keeping their souls separate forever.

In 1982, the queen’s story was told in the film Epitafium dla Barbary Radziwiłłówny. The main role was played by the Polish actress (Anna Dymna).

4. iconic women : Anne Boleyn

4. iconic women : Anne Boleyn
The Other Boleyn Girl / BBC Films, © anonymous / Wikipedia

Anne was the second wife of the King Henry VIII who was already married when he saw the young Anne. He fell in love with her instantly and this love at first sight was so strong that he was able to divorce for her which was not easy at the time. Anne married Henry to show her worst side.

She was loving and scandalous, loved extravagance and exorbitant parties. The king was not a stupid man, and soon realizing his mistake, he went on to find another mistress, Jeanne Seymour, and then sentenced Anne Boleyn to death for treason. The sad story of the English queen can be seen in The Other Boleyn Girl, Natalie Portman played her character.

5. iconic women : Wallis Simpson

5. iconic women : Wallis Simpson
W.E. / Lionsgate, Eastnews

In 1936, the British King (Edward VIII) decided to abdicate just to marry a twice-divorced American actress (Wallis Simpson). When they met each other, Edward was 36 years old and Wallis was only a year younger than him. She was indeed a married woman then, but this did not prevent the prince from expressing his feelings during the second meeting. The relationship developed quickly and the duo was not afraid to walk together in public.

After his father’s death, Edward was supposed to be king but he never did. As his relatives offered him two options, either to be a lover or a king, he chose love. The duo lived together until Edward died of cancer in 1972. A movie about the love story between the American actress and the British monarch directed by Madonna was released as W.E. Where the English actress (Andrea Raisborough) played the role of (Walis Simpson).

6. iconic women : Mata Hari

6. iconic women : Mata Hari
Mata Hari / Star Media, Eastnews

Margaretha Geertruida “Grietje” Zelle, also known as Mata Hari, was a dancer, prostitute, and spy. After an unsuccessful marriage, she moved to Paris. There, Mata Hari began performing oriental dances and quickly became a famous star. This allowed her access to one rich man, then another, and another. Many men wanted to spend their time with Mata Hari, but she chose only the richest and most powerful.

During World War I, the dancer was recruited by German intelligence, who maintained the same way of life in navigating many European countries, but now for an additional purpose. Later, she became an informant for the French, but in France her treachery was discovered, prosecuted, and executed by firing squad 6 months later.

There is a TV series called Mata Hari in which the main role was played by the French (Vahina Giocante).

7. iconic women : Queen Victoria

7. iconic women : Queen Victoria
The Young Victoria / GK Films, Henry Pierce Bone / Wikipedia

During the reign of Queen Victoria (1837 to 1901), Great Britain prospered, and people loved it for what it had done but also for a different reason. (Victoria) was gradually reducing the influence of the monarchy in the lives of the common people and was an example of a person able to live without luxury.

The Queen loved her husband (Albert) and he loved her too, and together the couple had 9 children who married into royal dynasties across Europe.

There is a movie called The Young Victoria where the actress (Emily Blunt) plays the role of the Queen.

8. iconic women : Isadora Duncan

8. iconic women : Isadora Duncan
La Danseuse / Les Productions du Trésor, Charles L. Ritzmann / Wikipedia

Isadora Duncan was a famous dancer, muse and wife of the Russian poet Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin. She has traveled all over the US and Europe but has always thought about teaching her profession. She came to the Russian Empire in 1921 where she had the opportunity to open a dance school and got help with financing. This was the time when she met Yesenin and he became her husband.

The marriage did not last long and in 1923 the poet got tired of living with the famous dancer and decided to divorce her because he used to be the center of attention in his society. There are many films about the famous American dancer, and perhaps the most recent was a movie starring the daughter of (Johnny Depp), actress (Lily-Rose Depp), titled The Dancer in 2016.

Many of those movies are available on our VOD take a look!

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