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Football Hooliganism : an Alarming Rise in England and Wales

11 football hooliganism


Football Hooliganism

Mass riots at football matches in England and Wales have increased significantly, according to data released by the Home Office on Thursday.

Football matches in England and Wales saw a 60% increase in rioting, compared to the last full season before the Corona pandemic.

And 1609 cases of rioting (football hooliganism) were recorded in 3,019 matches in England and Wales, during the last season, a rate of 53 percent.

In the 2018/19 season, riots were recorded in 1,007 matches, approximately 33% of the matches.

In the last season, 441 matches witnessed intrusions into the pitch, an increase of 127% over the 2018/2019 season, and 384 matches witnessed incidents related to hate crimes, an increase of 99%.

Football-related arrests increased by 59% to reach 2,198 cases, which is the highest number since the 2013/2014 season, which witnessed 2,273 arrests.

The highest rate of arrests came among West Ham United fans, with a total of 95 arrests throughout the season, followed by Manchester City with a total of 76 arrests, then Manchester United with a total of 72 cases, then Leicester City with a total of 59 cases, followed by Everton with a total of 58 arrests among fans.

The authorities issued 516 new bans from entering stadiums in the 2021/2022 season, and 1,308 orders were in effect at the end of the season.

Possession of fireworks was reported in 729 matches, and 561 cases of fireworks throwing were recorded.

11 football hooliganism

Football Hooliganism : back in story

The phenomenon of “hooligans” arose in England at the end of the nineteenth century with the beginning of the emergence of clubs in Britain; The stadiums witnessed a number of tragic and terrifying events, the first victims of which were match officials and fans of the rival teams as a result of the physical attacks carried out by those groups.

The word “Hooligans” in English means quarrelsome, violent or bloody, destructive, butcher, and these groups appeared in the form of gangs that encourage English teams, most notably a gang calling themselves “The Heard” for Arsenal, and another declared as the “Red Army” of the Red Devils. Manchester United, Burnley fans describe themselves as “Suicide Squad“.

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